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Day And Night

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

These are photos from this past week. CN Tower and Rogers Center during the day and night.

Photo during the Day.

Photo during the Night.

Photo during the Day.

Photo during the Night.

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Day or Night ?

These were taken with my new camera.

Toronto Fanexpo Convention

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

These are photos from Friday. The Toronto Fanexpo Convention.

In these photos you can see that some people get in full costume.

If your in the area check out the convention.

These were taken with my new camera.

Rogers Centre Removal

Friday, August 27th, 2010

These are photos from Saturday August 14th. Rogers Centre Removal.

This is a great time to bring this to attention. Drinking beer at events or places. Rogers Center, Air Canada Center, Wonderland, Concerts, Theme Parks, etc all charge around $10 a beer/cup. I think if you can afford the high prices it’s fine to enjoy a beer while watching the game or event. Just remember that these places invite everyone in and you as the drinker have to take into account the fact that this is a family event and there is children around. They don’t need to see drunken behaviour. Even worst is the people shouting profanity and making rude, vulgar gestures that no player hears or sees but is put on front display for the family of four that decided the ball park was a fun place to visit after a delightful day in the city.

I was at the Toronto Argos game and this guy and his buddy were there. They started the game in my row and every once in a while would request they need to get out and both would come back with a beer in each hand. – $40 combined total

This happen a few times before a guy in my row suggested we all move down and let them sit at the end. I did not like this idea since I spent the money to make sure I was at the end of the row of seats. This guy and his buddy decide to move anyway and he says I can move down if I want. But shorty after they moved across the aisle and down a row. Also by this point another 2 beers each. – $80 combined total

As the second quarter started the agros had a contest involving someone in the crowd and brought along two of the cheerleaders As these two cheerleaders were leaving this drunk guy begins to bore them with drunk talk as you can see in the video below. – (cheerleaders were dressed in wigs for 70’s night)

The game contiunes on during the second quarter but so does this guys drinking as they both drink back another two beers. – $120 combined total

The video below shows a moment toward the end of the second quarter when the Argos score. The drunk gets more excited as they move down the field and explodes with joy when they score. Take note though that this only befriefly distracts his attention from his next beer. At the end of the video you can see his turn to look for the beer guy to bring him another brew. They did get there next drinks but it was now half time. – $160 combined total

The third quarter came and went but so did these guys drinking. They both had another 2 each during the quarter. – $200 combined total

Beer sales are cut off at a certian point. For football it’s the end of the third quarter. As the forth begins this drunk guy begins to be distracted by everything. With no cup in his hand he has nothing to focus on even though an exciting game is happening in front of him. He starts to get himself into trouble and the rogers center workers warn him once. But the trouble continues and he is removed as you can see in the video below.

This guy spent more on booze then he did on his ticket for the game and never got to see the end.

These were taken with my new camera.

Sideline Pass At The Toronto Argos Game

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

This is a video from last saturday. A sideline pass at the Toronto Argos game.

Montreal was in Toronto to play the Argos. Two players from Montreal were tossing the football back and forth practicing throwing the ball. I just happen to be filming these two at this moment. So number 3 throws and catches a few. Number 12 sees this and wants to test his arm and begins to put on the throwing moves.

Number 3 sees this and gets a bit more fancier. He fails to see the new challenge put in front of him though. That challenge being number 7, usually a lucky number but not this time. Anything but lucky as he gets the ball in the back of the head. I really enjoy the football face he gives as he turns around to see who threw that at him.

This was taken with my new camera.

Argos Excitement On The Big Screen

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

This is a video from last saturday. A fan at the Toronto Argos game.

This guy was super excited to get on the giant screen. He was also in his argos gear, a look that must have taken a while to prepare for. It is great to see the Argos win this year.

This was taken with my new camera.